The 17th time

74, Jan-Gregor Kremp, Ian Rankin and John Rebus meet the devil

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Ian Rankin created the character of Detective Inspector John Rebus 30 years ago. Rather be the Devil is his 21st case and his most dangerous. Rebus can’t let go of the unsolved investigation of a murdered banker’s wife. He reopens the case, having no idea that he will end up getting involved in deadly power struggles in Edinburgh’s underworld. Rankin’s mastery is unrivalled in British crime fiction, according to The Times.
Host: Bernhard Robben; German text: Jan-Gregor Kremp.

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Schwarz-weiß-Porträt von Ian Rankin
©Hamish Brown
Schwarz-weiß-Porträt von Jan-Gregor Kremp
©Andreas Acktun
Schwarzweiß Porträt von Bernhard Robben
©Bernhard Robben


ISBN: 978-3-442-31461-4

Ein kalter Ort zum Sterben


Ian Rankin


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