The 17th time

lit.kid 2017


104, Jörg Hilbert Rusty Knight and the Scrapyard King

| | 16:00 | WDR Funkhaus, Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal, Wallrafplatz 5, 50667 Köln

To kick off lit.kid.COLOGNE, Jörg Hilbert brings along his character Rusty Knight, an exciting story and incredible big-band songs: In Rusty Knight’s iron castle and all across Scrapland, suddenly the screws and bolts that should hold the... Details

105, Lars Hubrich, Tristan Göbel and Anand Batbileg read Why We Took the Car

| | 18:00 | Balloni-Hallen, Ehrenfeldgürtel 88-94, 50823 Köln

Wolfgang Herrndorf’s novel “Why We Took the Car” takes readers young and old on a journey with Mike and Tschick as they travel in a stolen Lada through an unknown Germany. Fatih Akin turned the cult novel into a film starring Tristan... Details

106, Kristina Andres Mucker and Raisin The Revenge of the Old Fox

| | 09:30 | COMEDIA Theater, Grüner Saal, Vondelstraße 4-8, 50677 Köln

When the city rabbit Mucker inherited a little house and moved into the forest, he met the field mouse Raisin and the two became close friends. Suddenly, strange things start happening in the forest: An enchanted vacuum cleaner starts... Details

107, Jochen Börner Nulli & Priesemut in Cologne dialect

| | 10:00 | Severinstorburg, Chlodwigplatz, 50678 Köln

The funny stories featuring the rabbit Nulli and the frog Priesemut, such as “Are there blow flies that taste like carrots?”, were originally written by Matthias Sodtke. Now you can hear Nulli and Priesemut speak in local dialect as... Details

108, Judith Allert Tofu, the Superdog

| | 10:00 | COMEDIA Theater, Roter Saal, Vondelstraße 4-8, 50677 Köln

There are plenty of ways an adventure can start. For Lea, it starts with a letter that says her family has received an inheritance. But when the “inheritance” shows up on four scruffy paws, her parents are devastated. So much for their... Details

109, Thilo Krapp Othello & Giovanni The Great Cat Robbery

| | 10:00 | Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz, Aachener Straße 5, 50674 Köln

Cat brothers stand together! The crazy scientist Dr. Waldemar Wummering has a plan: He wants to get the nine-lives gene from 100 cats, so he starts abducting dozens of felines. Giovanni and his twin brother Othello have no idea about the... Details

110, Stefanie Höfler Dance of the Deep-Sea Jellyfish

| | 11:30 | COMEDIA Theater, Grüner Saal, Vondelstraße 4-8, 50677 Köln

Chubby Niko, nicknamed “The Jellyfish”, likes to beam himself into other worlds. But in real life, on a class trip he saves Sera from a groper. Sera, who looks like Nefertiti, asks him to dance. Then the two take off, spending the night... Details

111, Armin Kaster Ferdi, Lutz and Me on a Class Trip

| | 12:00 | MS RheinEnergie / Literaturschiff, Frankenwerft KD-Anleger, Innenstadt, 50667 Köln

A class trip could be relaxing. But it’s no wonder that you come home completely exhausted when you get terribly sick on the bus traveling one hundred kilometers per hour, you get lost on the very first hike, and nearly drown while out on... Details

112, Maja Nielsen Martin Luther Faith Moves Mountains

| | 12:00 | COMEDIA Theater, Roter Saal, Vondelstraße 4-8, 50677 Köln

When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the All Saints church in Wittenberg on October 31, 1517, nobody had any idea that he would shake the foundations of Christianity. Who was this man whom we recall 500 years later as a... Details

113, Moira Frank Storm Shimmer

| | 12:00 | Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz, Aachener Straße 5, 50674 Köln

Summertime in a small American city: Sofia, 15 years old, just wants to enjoy her summer holidays. But she inadvertently exacerbated the conflict between her best friend Oscar and his brutal older brother David. A small skirmish escalates... Details