The 17th time

4, Freedom of expression is a universal human right With Aslı Erdoğan, Can Dündar, Doğan Akhanli, Osman Okkan and Andreas Görgen. With Katja Riemann.

  • German
  • Turkish
  • Sign language
  • Text translator
  • Wheelchair users
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To open lit.COLOGNE, we commemorate the persecuted writers who come from and live in Turkey. Can Dündar was editor-in-chief of the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet and is now facing a multi-year jail sentence because of his critical reporting. With his book We Are Arrested, he became a mouthpiece for democratic, Western-oriented Turkey. Aslı Erdoğan is currently in jail in Istanbul. The author (“Miraculous Mandarin”) has been charged by the Turkish government with ‘membership of a terrorist organization’ and ‘undermining national unity’. “She can quite rightly be called one of the most important female writers of her generation”, explains host Osman Okkan. Andreas Görgen from the German Foreign Office will give an assessment of the cultural cooperation. The exiled writer Doğan Akhanli, who is now living in Cologne, will lend his voice to the persecuted authors. Translation: Recai Hallaç. German text: Katja Riemann

Die Erlöse des Abends gehen an den Rechtshilfefonds des KulturForums TürkeiDeutschland.


ISBN: 978-3-455-50424-8